Bosch Induction Hob Series 8

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    Bosch PXY875KV1E induction hobs from Series 8, 80cm wide, with impressive design, distinctive inox elements on its sides and Facette finish. Features a wide touch FullTouch TFT Display panel for perfect control, extended FlexZone cooking zones for your pans and pots, PerfectFry sensor for perfect frying and a host of other functions that will make cooking a breeze. Finally, via HomeConnect you can control and operate your hob from wherever you are, or get help in the event of a fault through Remote Diagnostics.

    TFT display

    Our TFT display offers convenient touch control, so that you can easily navigate menus and select functions. It’s clear, simple, and designed for absolute ease of use. So you can keep your cool while heating your oven exactly how you need it.

    extended FlexZone

    The extended FlexZone not only lets you combine flexible zones from front to back, but also to the side, thanks to a flexible zone in the middle. Your hob automatically detects the size and position of cookware in the zone, and heats those surfaces. Fit a large roasting sideways at the top of your hob, while still having plenty of space for pots and pans, large or small.


    The right temperature is crucial for frying. Too high will make even the best steak fry too quickly or scorch it. The PerfectFry sensor continuously monitors the pan’s temperature to prevent scorching. Choose from five predefined temperature levels, for perfect results every time.


    MoveMode makes cooking fully intuitive and comfortable. In the past, you cooked up your soup on level 9, made it simmer on level 5, then on level 1. whilst adjusting temperatures yourself using regular hobs. Now FlexZones as well as CombiZones with MoveMode do the job for you. Activating MoveMode divides these Zones into three different areas with pre-set power levels 1, 5 and 9.

    Automatic Setting Transfer

    If you move the pan from one zone to another during cooking, the power level does not need to be set from the beginning. The new cooking zone directly accepts the old settings, i.e. the intensity and cooking time you had before. All it takes from you is the push of a button to confirm the transfer of your pan.


    Control the functions of the hood from your hobs, both the hobs and the associated hood are equipped with Wi-Fi, which allows them to interact with each other. From the moment the hobs are on and you start cooking, the hood automatically activates and absorbs the annoying vapours. When you finish cooking, the hood automatically turns off after a short time, so you can be sure that all unpleasant odors have been removed.


    The PowerBoost function is especially useful when you want to prepare quick and easy meals in less time. This handy function gives you an enhanced boost of energy to heat your cookware even faster. Try the function on your induction hobs to find a large amount of water. It will reach the boiling point 35% faster, compared to the highest power level of your hob.


    The QuickStart function detects where you have placed the pot and automatically displays the corresponding cooking zone on the control interface. You can get started immediately and select the desired cooking level for your pot.


    Model PXY875KV1E
    Manufacturer Bosch
    Width 80cm
    Color Black
    Type Induction
    Cooking Zones 4
    Flexible Cooking Zones Yes
    Total Power 7 kWh
    Display Yes
    Ideal for Pets
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 527 × 816 × 51 mm
    Guarantee 2 years