Neff Gas Hob N90 Series

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Neff T27TA69N0 built in gas hobs from N90 Series, 75cm width with impressive Comfort design, distinctive inox elements on its sides and black Ceramic Glass for easy cleaning. Features FlameSelect® function, continuous Cast Iron pan supports for maximum stability and cooking convenience, easy operation via Sword Knobs, 4 high efficiency burners of 1100W, 2x1900W, 1x2800W and powerful WokBurner of 4200W.


FlameSelect® gives your gas flame a high-tech update. Select the nine precisely calibrated heat levels so you can simmer, sear and sauté like a pro. Consistently spot-on heat settings for cooks with finesse.

7-Segment Display

This screen offers much more than simple numbers. The 7-segment display gives you digital comfort while you cook with gas. See instantly the heat level you have chosen for each position of your hob. As soon as you turn off a place, the display has a smart safety function: immediately the capital letter "H" appears, signaling the high heat remaining, while when it becomes a small "h" it shows you the low heat remaining on the hob. If finally, no symbol appears on the screen anymore, it simply means that your hob is cold and you can touch it.

Double Wok Burner (4,2 kW)

One ring of fire, two rings of comfort! The double burner Wok is ready for everything. For slow simmering, use only one ring, or choose the full power of both rings for a fire intensity of up to 4.2 kW, depending on the type of gas you use. Uniquely combine the power of a gas flame with the comfort and convenience of a modern double burner Wok stove.

Sword Knobs

Cooking is one of the most sensual experiences. Surprise your fingertips with our new, extra safe Sword Knobs. The oval controls are ergonomically designed to be gripped and turned easily – even with wet hands. Enjoy the first haptic feel-good moment of your dinner at first touch.

Cast Iron

A pan of boiling water wobbling on an unstable pan support can be really dangerous. Cast iron pan supports which not only guarantee safety but enhance the attractive design of the cooker. They are designed so that you can slide the hot pans across the surface, while the supports remain in position. You can also wash them in a dishwasher, and avoid the time-consuming scrubbing. That's what it means to have a convenient kitchen!

Gas Safety

A gust of wind can extinguish the flame during cooking, while a child can accidentally turn on the switch. Now thanks to the thermal safety switch you don't have to worry about any gas leakage since your stove will make sure to let the gas pass only during cooking.


Model T27TA69N0
Manufacturer Neff
Width 75cm
Color Glass Black
Type Gas
Cooking Zones 5
Display Yes
Wi-Fi No
Dimensions (LxWxH) 546 × 750 × 45 mm
Guarantee 2 years