Amica Built In Microwave X Type

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Amica Built In Microwave X Type, 25L capacity with Grill function (1000W). Features 5 power levels, electronic control with LCD display, 8 Preset Programs including Drink, Fish, Meat, Pasta, Pizza, Popcorn, Potato & Vegetables. In addition, features LED display with knobs control, Child Lock, Timer and Weight Defrost function that ensures excellent cooking & reheating results for every meal.


A crispy, grilled meal straight from a microwave oven? Precisely! The Combigrill function in Amica microwave ovens combines microwaves and the grill function. With this function, the meal is perfectly warm, and the crust is delicious and crispy. Bon appetit!

Multi-stage heating

Prepare a hot meal in a single process, even with a deep-frozen dish: first defrost, then reheat - without interrupting microwave operation. That's time-saving and convenient.

Preset programmes

Must choosing the right cooking power and duration be such a chore? Not if you use an Amica microwave oven. Insert the meal, specify its weight, select its type, and the microwave oven chooses the appropriate programme. It’s easy and convenient.

MultiWave System

You adore lasagne, but when you heat it in a microwave oven, it is burnt on the outside and still cold on the inside? With the Amica microwave oven, you can be rest assured that your lasagne is always cooked to perfection. All thanks to the several microwave emission points which, combined with the rotating plate, make the meal evenly warmed up on the outside, as well as on the inside.


It’s the middle of winter, and you crave for a grilled pork neck. Nothing could be more simple. Put your meal into the Amica microwave oven, choose the Grill function, and your deliciously crispy meal is ready in no time! Use your grill all year round!


Model AMMB25E2GI
Manufacturer Amica
Color Inox
Installation type Full Built-In
Power 900 W
Capacity 25 l
Power Levels 5
Preset Programs 8
Grill Yes
Steam No
Display Yes
Wi-Fi No
Net Weight 17.6 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 400 × 595 × 388 mm
Guarantee 2 years

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