Siemens Espresso Machine EQ.500 Series

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Siemens TP503R09 Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee from EQ.500 Series guarantees perfect results every time. Features aromaDouble Shot function for extremely strong coffee without compromising on aroma, durable ceramDrive grinding mechanism that evenly grinds coffee beans fully releasing all the aromas of the coffee and color coffeeSelect Display for making coffee with a touch. In addition, features iAroma System for the best quality for any beverage, water tank with a total capacity of 1.7L so you can make coffee for the whole company with a single filling, as well as autoMilk Clean technology for perfect milkfrother on your cappuccino.

aromaDouble Shot

You can now get extra-strong coffee without compromising on aroma. With the aromaDouble Shot function, two single espressos are ground and brewed, as opposed to one large espresso, This automatic process ensures that there is no bitter aftertaste, as less water means that less bitterness is released — ensuring that only the best of the beans make it into your cup.

autoMilk Clean

The preparation of really good, aromatic coffee specialities is a delight – cleaning the milk system isn’t. Which is why Siemens developed autoMilk Clean. This fully automatic steam cleaning system activates after every drink, ensuring perfect hygiene and relieving you of having to clean the milk system every day. Milk residue simply doesn’t get a chance to develop – allowing you to just sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

coffeeSelect Display

Thanks to the coffeeSelect Display, the perfect coffee experience starts the moment you switch on the machine. The large user interface presents an inviting selection of aromatic coffee and milk specialities that can be accessed by simply touching the sensor controls – making your coffee experience as seamless as possible.


The high-quality ceramDrive grinder grinds the coffee beans to a very even consistency, allowing all the different notes to develop during the brewing process — for an exceptionally aromatic coffee experience. Unlike steel grinders, ceramic is very robust and stays sharp for longer, meaning long-lasting premium-quality coffee is guaranteed.


Thanks to the iAroma System, Siemens fully automatic espresso machines ensure always the best quality for any beverage. It is an elaborate, intertwined system, where all components seamlessly work together to guarantee one ultimate goal: your enjoyment.

Easy Maintenance

For hygienic cleaning the brewing unit is easy to remove, rinse under running water and then replace. This ensures a consistent good taste, and prolongs the lifespan. So you can get back to savouring the pure aroma of the finest coffee specialities.


Model TP503R09
Manufacturer Siemens
Color Black
Power 1500 W
Pressure 15.00 bar
Tank Capacity 1.7 l
Display Yes
Wi-Fi No
Net Weight 8.3 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 452 × 276 × 373 mm
Guarantee 2 years