Bosch Washing Machine 10Kg Plus Series

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    Bosch WGG254ZLGR washing machine 10kg washing capacity from Plus Series, A energy class, 1400 rpm with 5 years guarantee. Features Iron Assist which reduces creasing in clothes by up to 50%, Eco silence drive - silent and durable motor with 10 year warranty, AntiStain option that effectively removes the 4 most common types of stains and Hygiene Plus program which ensures hygienically clean clothes. In addition, features ActiveWater -recognition quantity clothes and regulation of water consumption, SpeedPerfect for time reduction, TouchControl and large, easy to read display with indicators of program progress, temperature, spin speed, remaining time.

    Iron Assist

    Enjoy perfectly cared for wrinkle-free clothes with minimal effort. The Iron Assist program sprays your freshly washed, dry clothes with steam, which penetrates the fabric fibers and visibly reduces creasing in just 20'. In addition, you can use it to remove wrinkles from a shirt or pants that you have already worn. Simply put the clothes in the Bosch washing machine and let Iron Assist take care of the rest. That will reduce their creasing by up to 50% and thus the stack of irons.


    AntiStain technology which targets the 4 most common stains, such as blood, oil, grass and red wine. The washing machine automatically adjusts the temperature, drum action and soaking time to the respective stains before the selected wash program starts. The result is brilliantly clean laundry without the need for separate washes or additional stain removers. Enjoy spotless laundry at the touch of a button.


    Sometimes just clean isn't enough. That's why we designed the Hygiene Plus program. It keeps the temperature constant during the wash, while doing an extra rinse cycle ensures you hygienically clean clothes, killing germs and house dust mites very effectively. So you get hygienically clean clothes having killed 99.99% of common germs, even at 40°C. Bosch washing machines with the Hygiene Plus washing program at 40° and 60° meet the scientifically recommended conditions for a 99.99% reduction of Enterococcus Hirae and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa germs.

    EcoSilence Drive™

    Keeping the house clean can be difficult. Keeping it quiet can sometimes feel impossible. Our dishwashers and washers with EcoSilence Drive deliver high-performance cleaning with low noise emission. Equipped with a brushless, energy-saving motor that optimally reduces friction noise, the EcoSilence Drive ensures a much smoother, quieter operation and great performance along with a 10-year guarantee. Now you can enjoy a home that is as quiet as it is clean.


    You don’t have to compromise on clean laundry just because you want to save time or save even more energy. Our washing machines with SpeedPerfect technology, give you two ways to get laundry perfectly clean every time. Wash up to 65% faster without compromising results. SpeedPerfect can be used in combination with most other programmes, all loads and textiles.

    ActiveWater Plus

    A Bosch washing machine can save you a lot of water and effort. Our ActiveWater Plus technology delivers perfect results while only using the precise amount of water needed for every wash, even with small loads. Its integrated sensors automatically adjust the water consumption according to the fabric type and the load.


    Your favorite or delicate clothes can be damaged by repeated washing. The unique, patented structure of VarioDrum gently and efficiently washes all types of clothes, distributing the water evenly without causing overflow, wrinkling or damage to your favorite clothes. Depending on the program selected, the teardrop-shaped design and asymmetric drum fins gently spin your clothes in the center, regardless of the spin direction. This not only ensures the intensive cleaning of the most soiled clothes, but also the fastest and most thorough cleaning of the entire load.

    AntiVibration Design

    The innovative anti-vibration design of the side walls is not just eye-catching: it provides more stability and thus reduces vibrations. This means that the washing machine is particularly quiet even in the spin cycle. Also available on our Tumble Dryer and Washer Dryer range.

    Reload Function

    The Reload function lets you easily add or remove clothes during wash cycles*. Just press the Reload button and open the door, then add your forgotten items and continue the wash.

    *As a safety feature, you can’t use Reload if the suds are hotter than 50°C or the water level is too high.


    Model WGG254ZLGR
    Manufacturer Bosch
    Color White
    Installation type Freestanding
    Loading type Frontloader
    Energy Efficiency Class A
    Energy Consumption 51 kWh
    Capacity 10 kg
    Eco 40-60 Programme duration 3 hours 50 minutes
    Water Consumption 50 l
    Spin-drying efficiency class B
    Noise Emission Class B
    Noise Emission 74 db
    Maximum spin speed (RPM) 1400
    Inverter Yes
    Steam Yes
    AutoDose No
    Wi-Fi No
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 632 × 598 × 848 mm
    Guarantee 5 years
    Motor Guarantee 10 years
    Energy Label