Matestar Ceiling Fan

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Matestar MAT-5491WH ceiling fan 52'' in modern design with 5 blades in White color. Features 80W AC motor power with silent operation, 36W LED lighting with 3 setting options to suit your mood, easy 3 speed adjustment with via Remote Control and Reverse Function with reversible airflow, ideal for summer and winter.


The ceiling fan has a long-range remote control, with which you can control the operation of the fan from the sofa, the kitchen, the room... Increase the speed, adjust the lighting or turn off your fan. Furthermore, you can adjust the Led lighting in 3 levels or set the timer off function. Easy and simple!

Reverse Function

The fan has the ability to reverse the movement of the blades to raise or lower the room temperature. In hot days, the cold air that is lower down moves closer to the ceiling, while in winter, by reversing the air flow, the warm air that is close to the ceiling moves lower to the floor. This significantly reduces energy use and can cut your bills by 15%.


Model MAT-5491WH
Manufacturer MateStar
Color White
Power 80 W
Air flow 1820 m³/h
Diameter 130 cm
Speeds 3
Fins 5
Motor AC
Remote Control Yes
Wi-Fi No
Noise Emission 45 db
Guarantee 2 years