Dyson V11 Absolute Stick Vacuum Cleaner

SV 28 EU
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Clean everything in your home with the Dyson V11 Absolute, which features a powerful Hyperdymium™ motor and LCD display which shows the remaining cleaning time as well as other information in real time. With advanced cyclonic technology and 185AW absorption power, you can clean the whole house effectively with a single charge thanks to its 60' autonomy, while its filtration system captures 99.99% of particles for even cleaner air.

Powerful cleaning

The flexibility of Dyson's cordless technology makes cleaning your home easier. Equipped with the powerful Dyson Hyperdymium motor, which produces 185AW of strong absorption and with up to 60' of undiminished absorption power, it offers you complete cleaning of floors, hard-to-reach places and mattresses for a comprehensive care of the entire home.

Real time report

The LCD monitor monitors system performance 8,000 times per second and then reports available cleaning time, plus other real-time information such as power mode, filter maintenance reminders and blockage reports.

3 power modes

Use one of three cleaning settings to maintain the right balance between power and run time. In automatic mode, the Dyson DLS™ technology inside the Digital Motorbar™ cleaning head monitors the resistance of the brush bar 360 times per second, intelligently adjusting the power to different types of floors, for an optimal balance of power and run time. In addition, the Eco mode provides longer run time, while the Boost mode is designed for fast, intensive cleaning.

Pet Friendly

Dyson vacuums and accessories are designed to reach and clean deep where pets go helping to keep your home cleaner and healthier. The Digital Motorbar™ cleaning head is equipped with de-tangle technology that automatically untangles and cleans tangled hair from the cleaning bar giving you a deep clean on all surfaces, even carpets.

Advanced filtering

The metal mesh filter filters out anything over 250 microns, while the outlet filter captures dust and traps 99.99% of tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns so you don't inhale them. In addition, the cyclonic technology produces strong centrifugal forces that separate dust, dirt and hair from the air flow, so there is no loss of absorbency.

Powerful cleaning on hard floors and carpets

De-tangling Motorbarᵀᴹ cleaner head sucks up dirt, dust and hair from all floor types. Stiff nylon bristles clean deep into rugs and carpets to remove ground-in dirt. Black anti-static carbon fibre filaments extract dust from hard floors.

In the box

The box contains Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head with de-tangling technology powerfully sucks up dust and hair from all floors, Low reach adaptor that bends to comfortably reach down low, Crevice tool designed for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps, Combination tool for simple switching between tasks, Fluffycleaner head, small motorized attachment for sofas, mattresses and furs, extra filter, accessory storage clip, wall mount and charger.


Model SV 28 EU
Manufacturer Dyson
Color Blue
Power 610 W
Capacity 760 ml
Power Levels 3
Noise Emission 88 db
Autonomy 60 minutes
Charging Time 4.5 hours
Battery Capacity 3600 mAh, 25.2 V
Suction 185 AirWatts
Net Weight 3 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 261 × 250 × 1,286 mm
Guarantee 2 years