Wahl Basic Pet Grooming Clipper

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Your loyal friend stays groomed and clean with the help of Wahl's Basic Pet clipper. The high-quality head, as well as the powerful motor will allow you to easily cut hairs and remove knots. It is ideal for trimming pets with short and soft hair, and you can also use it for grooming and light trimming. With the 4 colored combs (3, 6, 10, 13mm) provided in combination with the taper control, you will be able to trim the hair to the desired length.

4 colored combs

With Basic's colored combs you can easily identify and choose the cutting length you want depending on the breed and the part of the body you want to cut!

Self-sharpening blades

It has self-sharpening blades made of high carbon steel, so that after each use it always remains as efficient. Your Wahl head has been created using a special diamond rodding system. This gives it an excellent cut but also a special grinding, so that it does not injure or irritate the skin. In addition, the special grooves of the blades dissipate the heat and so the blades, when used correctly, always remain cold, so they do not cause irritation and burns to the pet's skin.

Powerful motor

The Wahl Basic works with an electromagnetic motor. Plug the machine in and turn on the switch. The motor is automatically activated and the head drive axis is activated. This special motor is very powerful and perfectly supports the cutting of the self-sharpening head.

Τaper control

It has a special taper control that converts the cutting lengths of the machine. Its big comparative advantage is the possibility of micro-adjustments, so that you achieve 100% the desired length of hair.


You don't need to worry about whether you have a charged machine, since it works exclusively with a cable. This gives it consistent strength so it never gets stuck, even if your pet has the toughest coat. You connect it to the mains and with the very long 3m cable it has, you can easily use it anywhere you want.

Ideal for triming

Wahl Basic is ideal for trimming the pet's head, ears, paws and tail. In addition, you can trim the entire body if your pet has thin, soft and / or short hair.


Model 9160-2016
Manufacturer Wahl
Color Black
Cable Length 3 m
Cutting width 46 mm.
Cutting length 1 - 3 mm.
Combs 4 slide-on (3, 6, 10, 13 mm)
Additional accessories Blade guard, cleaning brush, blade oil, scissors, pet comb and plastic storage/carrying case
Net Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10 × 50 × 175 mm
Guarantee 2 years