Rowenta X-Plorer Series 50 Robot Vacuum

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Rowenta's 4 in 1 X-Plorer robotic vacuum cleaner from the Series 50  is the ultimate ally for pet owners as it is equipped with Animal Turbo brush and a high-efficiency HEPA filter for people with allergies. Features Smart Exploration 4.0 navigation system that covers the entire house with unique precision, Aqua Power system that takes care of mopping surfaces while its 3 different functions guarantee you unsurpassed visible results!

Total Care

This model is ideal for pet owners as it is equipped with an Animal Turbo brush that picks up lint and a high efficiency HEPA filter that effectively traps dust for people with allergies. In addition, it has 3 special mops that remove even the smallest grain of dust from the floor, while it is also compatible with magnetic tape to demarcate prohibited areas.

Perfect cleaning

Your new Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner is ready to take on even the most demanding tasks! Two side brushes cover corners and hard-to-reach areas, the Animal Turbo brush tackles animal hair and larger dirt, the BLDC motor ensures reliable suction and finally, the Aqua Power system takes care of mopping surfaces. In addition, thanks to the automatic recognition system, the power is adjusted according to the surface.

Smart navigation

Rowenta X-Plorer robotic vacuum cleaner features Smart Exploration 4.0 navigation system for seamless cleaning. Gyroscope technology and infrared sensors help to detect obstacles, thus ensuring absolute coverage of all surfaces of the house, while the side camera "time of flight" follows the path of walls perfectly.

3 cleaning functions

Choose whichever cleaning function serves you best, depending on the needs of your space each time! Methodical: intelligent gyro-guided navigation for full coverage that doesn't miss a single point. Spot: spiral movement from the starting point, ideal for cleaning a specific area. Wall Follow: Cleans the bottom of the walls.

High performance

Enjoy a high cleaning performance thanks to the 3 sponges. The plain sponge (blue) is used for regular use, the Animal Scrub (red sponge) is used to remove stubborn pet stains, while the Allergy Electrostatic (green sponge) is used to remove even the smallest dust particles.

Smart control

Via the free app, you can at any time program the cleaning of your home, receive notifications for the maintenance of your device and gain access to a whole range of useful functions and useful information regarding your robot vacuum cleaner.


Model RR7375
Manufacturer Rowenta
Color Black
Power 33 W
Capacity 400 ml
Power Levels 3
Wi-Fi Yes
Noise Emission 67 db
Autonomy 120 minutes
Charging time 6 hours
Suction 1500 pa
Cleaning Modes Mopping and Cleaning
Power 33 W
Net Weight 3.79 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 325 × 325 × 80 mm
Guarantee 2 years