Neff Induction Hob N50 Series

Ordered on demand

Neff T46SBE1L0 Induction hob from N50 Series, 60cm width, with Inox frame. Features 4 cooking zones, Touch control with 17 power levels, Quick start function and PowerBoost for all zones.


The PowerBoost function is especially useful when you want to prepare quick and easy meals in less time. This handy function gives you an enhanced boost of energy to heat your cookware even faster. Try the function on your induction hobs to find a large amount of water. It will reach the boiling point 35% faster, compared to the highest power level of your hob.

Count-down timer

You can set the desired cooking time with the Count-down timer. Once the time is up, an audio signal is emitted and the corresponding cooking zone is automatically deactivated.


The QuickStart function detects where you have placed the pot and automatically displays the corresponding cooking zone on the control interface. You can get started immediately and select the desired cooking level for your pot.


Total control – even when you clean. With this function, you can lock the sensor buttons for 30 seconds to avoid making accidental changes to the cooking settings. This allows you to clean the surfaces without having to re-adjust settings.

Faster cooking, Reduced consumption

Induction hobs heat the base of the cookware by means of magnetism as soon as it is placed on the hob. In this way we have faster cooking, e.g. 2L of water boils in half the time than on the ceramic hob, and less energy consumption as there is no unnecessary consumption (the hob only heats the surface of the base of the vessel). In addition, cleaning becomes easier since in case something is spilled, the surface is cold and finally, it is safer it automatically shut off when the pot is lifted from the surface of the hob.


Model T46SBE1L0
Manufacturer Neff
Width 60cm
Color Black
Type Induction
Cooking Zones 4
Flexible Cooking Zones No
Total Power 4600 kWh
Wi-Fi No
Cable Length 1.1 m
Net Weight 9.8 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 513 × 583 × 55 mm
Guarantee 2 years