Bosch Stick Vacuum Cleaner Unlimited 7

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    Bosch BBS712A, in black color from the Unlimited 7 Series with a runtime of up to 40' each battery (the package contains 2 batteries). It has 18V power, 300ml bin capacity and 3 intuitive functions will change the cleanliness of the house! In addition, it has a brush with LEDs to illuminate all points, while the TurboSpin engine guarantees performances that will surely surprise you! Finally, the package includes a second battery for even greater flexibility.

    Unlimited perfomance

    Unlimited 7 cordless vacuums perform the same as corded vacuums. Thanks to the reliable Bosch battery it has a long autonomy, a powerful motor that reaches 66,000 rpm and a motorized brush on the foot. They are as strong as corded vacuums and offer great flexibility when sweeping. Enjoy the benefits of a cordless vacuum combined with the performance of a corded vacuum.


    The Flex Tube allows you to easily clean under furniture, the Easy Parking Clip allows you to securely attach the device to take a break, the Quick Stand keeps the tube and foot upright when you need to use the vacuum cleaner. With the Nozzle Foot Release you can easily remove the foot from the hose without having to bend down. All this makes Unlimited 7 ideal for cleaning any floor and surface, even hard-to-reach areas.


    With the powerful Bosch 3Ah Power For All battery, even demanding cleaning tasks are made easy. The Li-ion battery is rechargeable, removable, anti-overheat, overcharge, discharge and memory effect. It has up to 33% more operating time (compared to a 2Ah), ensuring high performance and autonomy. You can clean up to 100 m² with one charge (Eco mode), without worrying about time-consuming charging.

    DynamicPower brush

    Enjoy ideal cleaning results on all floors, on all surfaces, even in dark places. With the powerful DynamicPower electric brush, more than 99.9% dust suction is achieved. Thanks to the powerful LED lighting, you can clearly see the dust even behind furniture or dark corners. In addition, you vacuum 30% more dust than carpets. Feel comfortable in a clean home, in no time.


    Enjoy powerful, consistent performance with Bosch stick vacuum cleaners thanks to the made in Germany TurboSpin digital motor. Designed to deliver optimal results every time, with a long life, which is why you provide a 10-year motor warranty. With three synchronization phases it is very efficient, faster and lighter, with up to 66,000 rpm for impressive cleaning results every time.


    No need to bend down to clean under sofas and armchairs. The new hose allows you to effortlessly clean under low furniture and beds. Dust and dirt don't stand a chance, as the power always remains high even when the tube is tilted. 100% flexibility thanks to the 90° inclination, which makes it easy to clean even in difficult places.


    Save time and energy thanks to the Quick Stand function. Easily alternate floor vacuuming with cleaning medium-height surfaces with the powerful hand mop. While you use the stick vacuum, the brush and the tube stand upright. No need to leave the vacuum cleaner on the floor or wall mount. Then, just put the mop back in the tube and continue vacuuming.

    Easy Parking Clip

    You no longer need to put the stick vacuum on the floor or wall mount when you want to take a break. Thanks to the Easy Parking Clip, you fix the stick wherever you want - on the edge of a sofa, on the table, on a chair. Also, the material of the clip prevents slipping and does not leave scratches.

    Nozzle Foot Release

    Simple but important. Now you can clean higher spots with the hose by removing the foot easily, just by pressing the right spot with your foot. Nozzle Foot Release removes the foot from the hose with one click. You won't have to bend down to manually remove the tread again. Enjoy faster cleaning every point thanks to the ergonomic design.


    The removable long-life lithium battery provides up to 40' of autonomy (Eco level), enough time to clean the whole house up to 80 sq.m. with just one charge. Via the electronic control integrated in the handle, you can choose one of the 3 levels of operation in order to get top cleaning results on all surfaces of your home. Choose automatic operation for top operation and efficiency solution with automatic power adjustment with 15' autonomy of or Turbo mode for ultimate efficiency for optimal cleaning results with 10' autonomy. 


    Model BBS712A
    Manufacturer Bosch
    Color Metal Graphite
    Power 18 W
    Capacity 0.3 l
    Power Levels 3
    Ideal for Pets No
    Noise Emission 82 db
    Autonomy 40 minutes
    Number of removable batteries 2
    Charging time 5 h
    Battery capacity 3.00 Ah
    Net Weight 3.9 kg
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 204 × 252 × 1,315 mm
    Guarantee 2 years
    Motor Guarantee 10 years