Midea Side by Side Refrigerator

    • Fridge Capacity 271 l
    • Freezer Capacity 189 l
    • Height 177.5cm, Width 83.5cm, Length 63.5cm
    • Inverter, NoFrost, Wi-Fi
    • Dual Cooling, Deodorant Filter
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    Motor Guarantee

    Midea MDRS619FIE28 Side by Side Refrigerator in Jazz Black color, net capacity 460L and Inverter Quattro Compressor for ideal cooling and top energy performance. Features electronic temperature control with LED display, Dual Cooling technology for uniform air distribution, Fruit Box with humidity control, Super Cool & Super Freeze function and Led lighting. In addition, it has WiFi connectivity through the MSmartHome app so you can remotely adjust the temperature, select different functions or remotely monitor the operation of your refrigerator.

    Dual Cooling

    Η χρήση δύο ξεχωριστών συστημάτων ψύξης που λειτουργούν ανεξάρτητα το ένα από το άλλο βοηθά το φαγητό σας να επωφεληθεί από τη βέλτιστη υγρασία στο ψυγείο και ένα στεγνό περιβάλλον στην κατάψυξη. Αποτρέποντας τη μεταφορά αέρα μεταξύ των διαμερισμάτων, το παγωμένο φαγητό σας θα είναι πιο φρέσκο ​​και δεν θα χρειάζεται να ανησυχείτε για τις οσμές που αναμειγνύονται μεταξύ του ψυγείου και της κατάψυξης.

    Active-C Fresh

    Preserve your food with original taste and texture thanks to Active-C Fresh filter. Hierarchical carbon air freshness design, ensures food stays fresh longer. Keeps original taste, great shape and bright color.


    With the MSmartHome app you can remotely set the temperature for optimal storage of your food, choose different modes and monitor your smart refrigerator or set smart reminders that adapt to your daily routine. Plus, MSmartHome app can send a reminder to you when the door is not closed properly to avoid wasting energy. 

    Multi Air Flow

    Multi-Air Flow cooling system maintains optimal humidity and temperature levels so your food stays fresher for longer. Digital sensors constantly monitor conditions within the refrigerator to keep things cool while strategically placed vents surround your food with cool air no matter where you put it

    Super Cool & Super Freeze

    With a single push of a button, the “quick cool” function will ensure that the temperature of your food and drinks drops quickly. On the other hand, when you put food in the freezer, the "fast freeze" function will help the product quickly reach -24°, guaranteeing perfect preservation of the food.

    No Frost

    No Frost technology maintains a constant, optimal temperature in every corner, improving air circulation. It prevents the formation of ice on food, such as vegetables, so that they stay fresh for longer time. And it prevents the need to defrost your fridge.

    Led Lighting

    Led Lighting provides exceptional brightness and clearer visibility inside the device. Besides significantly better lighting, LED lighting has a longer lifespan and saves electricity.


    Model MDRS619FIE28
    Manufacturer Midea
    Color Black
    Installation type Freestanding
    Type Side by Side
    Align Vertical
    Climate Class Subnormal, Normal, Subtropical
    Energy Efficiency Class E
    Energy Consumption 295 kWh
    Freezer Capacity 189 l
    Fridge Capacity 271 l
    Noise Emission Class C
    Noise Emission 41 db
    Reversible Door Hinge No
    Inverter Yes
    NoFrost Yes
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Net Weight 77 kg
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 635 × 835 × 1,775 mm
    Guarantee 5 years
    Motor Guarantee 10 years
    Energy Label