Bosch WasherDryer 10/6Kg Series 8

  • Drying Capacity 6 kg
  • Washing Capacity 10 kg
  • Maximum spin speed 1400 rpm
  • Inverter, Steam, Wi-Fi
  • Hybrid, AutoDry, Hygiene
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Motor Guarantee

Bosch WDU8H561GR Washer Dryer, with a maximum washing capacity of  10 Kg and 6Kg drying capacity with Hybrid FlexAir to save energy with perfect results in both washing and drying. It features quick wash&dry option for 6 Kg, AutoDry system that gently dries your clothes and and excellent hygiene even for the most sensitive clothes thanks to the HygieneCare function. In addition, thanks to HomeConnect, you are given the possibility for remote access and operation of the appliance via smartphone or tablet!

Hybrid FlexAir

With Hybrid FlexAir technology, your washer-dryer saves up to 34% energy during washing. Depending on the amount of clothes in the drum, the new hybrid heating technology intelligently chooses the most efficient and least energy-consuming option: either the standard, in which the water is heated by the heating element, or the FlexAir, in which the water is sprayed directly into the bucket and at the same time hot air blows into the bucket. 


AutoDry lets you select the exact level of dryness you require for your clothes. Whether that's dry enough to iron or extra-dry and ready to fold, AutoDry will reach the selected level automatically. Its sensors constantly measure the temperature and moisture to protect your laundry from high temperatures and over-drying.


Home Connect smart technology enables you to control your appliances with your phone or tablet. Home Connect lets you remotely tell your washing machine what type of load you have so it can select the best programme, turn on the oven on your way home from work, or automatically order dishwasher tablets when you get low. Home Connect can even operate other smart devices and be voice-controlled via smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home.


Excellent cleaning results even for your most delicate clothes? By choosing HygieneCare, clothes are pre-treated with hot air before washing. So the clothes are carefully sterilized and then washed at a low temperature. More specifically, as soon as the program is activated, the dry clothes are heated up to 65°C, which is safe for fabrics, but kills germs and bacteria inside the drum. This is followed by a low temperature wash cycle, suitable for protecting delicate fabrics. The result; Hygienic care for your delicate clothes.

Iron Assist

Reduce your ironing pile at the press of a button. When selected, the Iron Assist programme introduces a natural mist into the drum that permeates the preheated textile and visibly smooths your laundry. You can also use it to eliminate odours in items that just need refreshing. It’s perfect for jackets, business shirts, woollens and even suits.


Don't have room for a dryer? No problem! Bosch washer-dryers with AutoDry technology offer excellent drying of your clothes. This technology automatically knows when your clothes are completely dry, as it continuously measures the remaining moisture in the fabrics to ensure accurate and gentle drying. The Wash&Dry programs take into account the type of fabric and offer you the best results every time. Finally, a washer-dryer that makes sure your clothes are ready to wear as soon as the program ends.

EcoSilence Drive™

Keeping the house clean can be difficult. Keeping it quiet can sometimes feel impossible. Our dishwashers and washers with EcoSilence Drive deliver high-performance cleaning with low noise emission. Equipped with a brushless, energy-saving motor that optimally reduces friction noise, the EcoSilence Drive ensures a much smoother, quieter operation and great performance along with a 10-year guarantee. Now you can enjoy a home that is as quiet as it is clean.


Wash as you wish. VarioPerfect™ technology gives you two ways to get laundry perfectly clean every time. Regardless of how much time you have, with VarioPerfect™, you always get the best from each cycle, just choose from super fast to super efficient program options. 
SpeedPerfect mode reduces time up to 65% while EcoPerfect mode saves energy cost up to 50%. The results are perfectly clean clothes every time!

ActiveWater Plus

A Bosch washing machine can save you a lot of water and effort. Our ActiveWater Plus technology delivers perfect results while only using the precise amount of water needed for every wash, even with small loads. Its integrated sensors automatically adjust the water consumption according to the fabric type and the load.

Wash&Dry 60'

Now you can thoroughly wash and dry a load in just one hour. This programme is suitable for lightly soiled clothes and for washing and drying heat resistant textiles, such as cottons or linen. Suitable for a 1kg load.

Drum Clean

Looking for the cleanest clothes? It all starts with a sparkling washing machine. Drum Clean keeps the inside of your washer hygienically clean with a combination of soaking, pulsating and high-speed spinning that removes 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria from the drum, without using any detergents. The best news? Good maintenance will save you some money in the long run.


Model WDU8H561GR
Manufacturer Bosch
Color White
Installation type Freestanding
Loading type Frontloader
Energy Efficiency Class for the complete cycle D
Energy Consumption for the complete cycle 307 kWh
Capacity for the complete cycle 6 kg
Water Consumption for the complete cycle 74 l
Eco 40-60 Programme duration for the complete cycle 8 hours
Energy Efficiency Class for the washing cycle A
Energy Consumption for the washing cycle 49 kWh
Capacity for the washing cycle 10 kg
Water Consumption for the washing cycle 50 l
Eco 40-60 Programme duration washing cycle 3 hours 55 minutes
Spin-drying efficiency class B
Noise Emission Class A
Noise Emission 70 db
Maximum spin speed (RPM) 1400
Inverter Yes
Steam Yes
AutoDose No
Wi-Fi Yes
Dimensions 654 × 598 × 848 mm
Guarantee 2 years
Motor Guarantee 10 years

Washing Programs: Cotton | Cotton Eco 40-60 | Synthetic | Silk | Wool | Drum Cleaning | Quick 15' | Rinse | MixWash | MyTime | Spin / Pump | HomeConnect (extra programmes via App) | Sports / Microfibres

Programmes via App: Feather | Towels | Shirts

Special Drying Programs: Iron Assist | MyTime | HomeConnect (extra programmes via App) | Wash & Dry 60'

Washing options: Adjusting temperature | spin speed | Extra rinse | EcoPerfect | Hygiene Care-Sensitive Hygiene | Child Lock | myFavorite | Silent Wash | SpeedPerfect | Prewash | Extra Rinse | 24 hours time delay | AddClothes

Drying Options: Iron Drying | Cupboard Drying | Intensive Drying | Silent Drying | Wash & Dry | Drying Only

Energy Label