Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Beverage Center™

    • Fridge Capacity 403 l
    • Freezer Capacity 242 l
    • Height 178cm, Width 91.2cm, Length 71.6cm
    • Inverter, NoFrost
    • Beverage Center, Food ShowCase, Dual Cooling
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    Motor Guarantee
    - €800.00

    Samsung SidebySide with a total capacity of 645L thanks to SpaceMax Technology, in InoxLook Color. It features a BeverageCenter™ for quick and easy access to refreshing cold and flavored water, Dual Auto Ice Maker that simultaneously produces ice cubes and IceBites™, SmartConversion™ where you can use between 5 different functions and a Digital Inverter™ Compressor with a 20-year warranty.  

    Beverage Center™

    Enjoy cold and flavored water directly from your refrigerator. The Beverage Centre™ has a Water Dispenser as well as a 1.4L BPA  free Autofill Pitcher full of purified water, which can be infused with fruits and herbs and is always available for direct serving.

    Food ShowCase

    The Food ShowCase is a ''fridge within the fridge'' that allows you to efficiently organize and easily find the food you need or use frequently, without opening the rest of the refrigerator. In addition, the metal cooling surface on the door keeps the cold stored so that the food stays fresh for a long time.

    Dual Auto Ice Maker

    The right ice for almost every situation. The Dual Auto Ice Maker simultaneously produces convectional ice cubes and Ice Bites™. The Dual Auto Ice Maker can make 2.3kg of ice a day and store up to 3.8kg.

    Twin Cooling Plus™

    Make sure food stays fresh twice as long. Twin Cooling System™ technology regulates temperature and humidity in the fridge and freezer with independent cooling systems. It keeps food in optimal conditions, with high humidity in the refrigerator and protects its taste by preventing the mixing of odors.


    Store more food in a spacious refrigerator! SpaceMax technology allows the fridge walls to be thinner as it uses a minimal amount of high performance insulation. Thus, it creates more internal storage space without increasing external dimensions or changing energy efficiency.

    Smart Conversion™

    Enjoy storage flexibility with the Smart Conversion™ feature. With Twin Cooling technology, you can have 5 different functions. Easily convert your freezer into a refrigerator to keep as much fresh food as you need, depending on the seasons or on special occasions. Or select off mode to save energy as needed or use the freezer as a small fridge.

    Digital Inverter

    Enjoy smart energy use and long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently changes power and automatically adjusts speed according to cooling requirements. So the temperature is appropriate and efficient, with low noise levels and certified for 21 years, backed by a 20-year warranty (limited to the compressor only).

    Precise Cooling

    Keep your food fresh and tasty for longer. Independent cooling systems allow cold air to circulate to every corner for even cooling while sophisticated insulation reduces any variation, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Digital Inverter Technology detects and controls the temperature accurately.

    Power Cool & Power Freeze

    With the push of a button, the Power Cool function throws intensely cold air into the fridge to chill your food or favorite drinks. The Power Freeze function blows intensely cold air into the freezer. It is suitable for freezing or preserving frozen food and making ice.


    Model RH69B8921S9
    Manufacturer Samsung
    Color Silver
    Installation type Freestanding
    Type Side by Side
    Align Vertical
    Climate Class Subnormal, Normal, Subtropical, Tropical
    Energy Efficiency Class E
    Energy Consumption 350 kWh
    Freezer Capacity 242 l
    Fridge Capacity 403 l
    Noise Emission Class C
    Noise Emission 36 db
    Inverter Yes
    NoFrost Yes
    Dispenser Ice (Plumbing), Water (Plumbing)
    Wi-Fi No
    Net Weight 115 kg
    Depth without the Door 610 mm
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 716 × 912 × 1,780 mm
    Guarantee 5 years
    Motor Guarantee 20 years
    Energy Label