Bosch Fridge Freezer Series 6

    • Fridge Capacity 311 l
    • Freezer Capacity 129 l
    • Height 203cm, Width 70cm, Length 66.7cm
    • Inverter, NoFrost
    • Metal Cooling, Dual Cooling, FreshSense
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    Motor Guarantee
    - €200.00
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    Bosch KGN49LBCF Fridge Freezer Full NoFrost 70cm width in Glass Black Color and net capacity of 440L. Features LED lighting, Metal Cooling & Multi Air Flow for uniform temperature distribution and Inverter motor for ideal cooling and top energy performance. In addition, features SuperCooling & SuperFreezing function, WineRack, Flex Interior for customize storage, one VitaFresh drawer for fruits and vegetables and one VitaFresh ◄0°C► for meat and fish.

    Metal Cooling

    Uneven cooling in your fridge can greatly affect the flavour and longevity of your food. Thanks to the metal backwall with MultiAirflow, humidity and temperature is evenly distributed throughout the cooling area, from the door bins to the back corners, which helps your food retain its integrity for longer.

    Twin Cooling System

    Twin Cooling System regulates the temperature and humidity in the refrigerator and freezer with independent cooling systems, keeping food in suitable conditions, with high humidity in the refrigerator and protecting its taste by preventing the mixing of odors. Thus, food maintains its moisture levels and stays fresh twice as long.


    Thanks to the optimal storage conditions, your food remains in the ideal condition - ice cream, for example, is neither too soft nor too hard. FreshSense sensors continuously monitor and control the ambient temperature, as well as the temperature of the fridge and freezer. Thus, the temperature inside the refrigerator is always kept constant, regardless of the outside temperature.

    Flex Interior

    Ideal organization of the fridge, just the way you want it. Your refrigerator now has many flexible elements, such as adjustable Flex Trays and glass shelves that can be placed at different heights. Thus, you can also store higher objects, such as bottles. Finally, the three accessories on the door of the fridge can be placed in many different ways. Storing food has never been so easy.

    VitaFresh XXL

    VitaFresh XXL Pro 0°C offers the perfect storage environment for all your fresh food thanks to climate control and 0°C technology. Fish and meat stay fresh for longer at a temperature near 0°C. And your fruit and vegetables benefit from an optimised climate.

    Perfect Fit

    Place your refrigerator wherever you want, without restrictions. Other common refrigerator models on the market need about 10cm of clearance to the wall before you can open their doors and drawers. Thanks to the innovative Perfect Fit technology, Bosch freestanding fridges can be placed right next to walls and furniture without a millimeter of unused space. 

    Auto SuperFreezing

    Frozen foods must be frozen as quickly as possible in order to preserve their vitamins, nutritional value, appearance and taste. With the automatic SuperFreezing function, small quantities of food are frozen faster while avoiding the defrosting of already frozen food. The freezer recognizes increases in temperature and automatically adjusts it for better storage conditions.

    Led Lighting

    LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges, guaranteeing even, glare-free interior illumination. LED lights use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last an (appliance) lifetime.


    Model KGN49LBCF
    Manufacturer Bosch
    Color Glass Black
    Installation type Freestanding
    Type Fridge Freezer
    Climate Class Subnormal, Tropical
    Energy Efficiency Class C
    Energy Consumption 178 kWh
    Freezer Capacity 129 l
    Fridge Capacity 311 l
    Noise Emission Class B
    Noise Emission 35 db
    Reversible Door Hinge No
    Inverter Yes
    NoFrost Yes
    Wi-Fi No
    Net Weight 89.7 kg
    Depth without the Door 600 mm
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 667 × 700 × 2,030 mm
    Guarantee 5 years
    Motor Guarantee 10 years
    Energy Label