Neff Built in Fridge Freezer N 70 Series

  • Fridge Capacity 184 l
  • Freezer Capacity 76 l
  • Height 177.2cm, Width 55.8cm, Length 54.5cm
  • Inverter, NoFrost
  • EcoAirflow, SoftClose, FreshSafe
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Motor Guarantee
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Neff KI7863DD0 Built in Fridge Freezer with No Frost technology, D energy class and total net capacity 260L. Features Eco Air Flow technology for uniform air circulation, constant temperature and fast cooling, Soft Close hinges for soft and quiet door closing, Led Interior Light, internal touch control Electronic Display for precise temperature control, open Door Alarm, Fresh Safe drawer for fruits and vegetables with humidity control and Reversible Doors.


The Eco Air Flow system treats your food with the same care and attention as you chose it. It ensures even air circulation in your fridge to maintain a constant temperature and helps food stay tasty and fresh.

Soft Close

We know it’s the small gestures that make you happy on a daily basis. Allow your door to close softly and quietly without a push or shove. The moment your device’s door reaches an angle of 20°, it gently closes by its own. Our Soft Close technology with flat hinges adds soft silence to your stored treasures.


Fruits and vegetables need special space in your fridge. Fresh Safe drawer is ideal for storing fruits and vegetables while it ensures the ideal temperature and humidity conditions to keep them juicy and fresh for longer.

Bottle Flex Shelf

Storing your ingredients properly makes your food tastier, and keeping leftovers fresh requires cool storage that adapts to your cooling needs. This would be far easier if all bottles were square, instead of rolling across the whole shelf, refusing to play nicely with your jars, plates and pots. Our Bottle Flex Shelf squares that circle: it’s a shelf that holds bottles in place, stopping them slipping out of the stack and giving you more space and flexibility behind the fridge door.

Super Cooling

Turn your fridge into your speedy cool mate! Super Cooling briefly reduces the temperature to +2 °C. Enjoy chilled beverages in no time and be confident about extra quick cooling of larger extra portions without warming up other goods in the fridge. Super Cooling returns automatically to the regular settings.

Adjustable shelves

Your fridge can and is as creative as you are. Adjust the height of the shelves according to your desire or the inspiration of the moment. Large items or larger portions of food that need to be stored properly? The height-adjustable shelves in the refrigerator generously give you the space you need, time and time again.

Led Lighting

Flat, long-lasting LED lighting from top to bottom of refrigerator. You can see what's in your fridge, and save energy as the LEDs don't heat up. Let your fridge "shine" with the best lighting.


Model KI7863DD0 
Manufacturer Neff
Color White
Installation type Full Built-In
Type Fridge Freezer
Climate Class Subnormal, Subtropical
Energy Efficiency Class D
Energy Consumption 186 kWh
Freezer Capacity 76 l
Fridge Capacity 184 l
Noise Emission Class B
Noise Emission 35 db
Reversible Door Hinge Yes
Inverter Yes
NoFrost Yes
Wi-Fi No
Net Weight 576 kg
Dimensions 545 × 558 × 1,772 mm
Guarantee 2 years
Motor Guarantee 10 years
Energy Label