Neff Fridge Freezer N 70 Series

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Neff Fridge Freezer Full NoFrost 70 cm width, from Series N 70 and total net capacity of 438L. Features LED lighting, Multi Air Flow for uniform air distribution, EasyAccess shelf and touch control Electronic Display for precise temperature control. In addition, features SuperCooling & SuperFreezing function, Variozone for flexible storage, two VitaFresh Plus drawers for fruits and vegetables and two FreshSafe 2 ◄0°C► drawers for meat and fish and one FreshSafe 2 drawer for fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Safe 2 <0°C>

The flexible drawer for fruit and vegetables makes it easy to load your items exactly the way you like. Your fish and meat get special treatment too, with a separate compartment that’s chilled at lower temperatures close to 0°C.

Super Cooling

Turn your fridge into your speedy cool mate! Super Cooling briefly reduces the temperature to +2 °C. Enjoy chilled beverages in no time and be confident about extra quick cooling of larger extra portions without warming up other goods in the fridge. Super Cooling returns automatically to the regular settings.


Your freezer is your versatile assistant. When you want to make the available space you have and your food is too big for the drawers, simply remove the drawers and the reliable bulky items glass shelves, for perfect and flexible storage. And if the ones you want to store are even bigger? The Vario Zone allows you to even remove the shelves. In this way, create the maximum possible free space for storage, without a second thought and for your every need.

Easy Access

Sometimes, delicious bites retreat to the back of the fridge. But now you can keep an eye on all your tasty ingredients. Our Easy Access Shelf gives you an at-a-glance view of what’s inside. Simply slide it open for easy access to your food.

Adjustable shelves

Your fridge can and is as creative as you are. Adjust the height of the shelves according to your desire or the inspiration of the moment. Large items or larger portions of food that need to be stored properly? The height-adjustable shelves in the refrigerator generously give you the space you need, time and time again.

Multi Air Flow

Just filled the fridge and want to make sure your food stays fresh and delicious? The MultiAirflow cooling technology greatly improves circulation of air around the fridge, regulating temperature and humidity levels and eradicating condensation build-up, so that your food stays fresher for longer.

Led Lighting

Flat, long-lasting LED lighting from top to bottom of refrigerator. You can see what's in your fridge, and save energy as the LEDs don't heat up. Let your fridge "shine" with the best lighting.


Model KG7493BD0
Manufacturer Neff
Color Glass Black
Installation type Freestanding
Type Fridge Freezer
Climate Class Subnormal, Tropical
Energy Efficiency Class D
Energy Consumption 207 kWh
Freezer Capacity 108 l
Fridge Capacity 330 l
Noise Emission Class C
Noise Emission 38 db
Reversible Door Hinge Yes
Inverter Yes
NoFrost Yes
Wi-Fi No
Net Weight 101.7 kg
Depth without the Door 590 mm
Dimensions 670 × 700 × 2,030 mm
Guarantee 2 years
Motor Guarantee 10 years
Energy Label