Faber Heaven Glass 2.0 Ceiling Hood

  • Ceiling, 270W, 70db
  • Air flow 560 m³/h boost 700 m³/h
  • Grease Filtering Efficiency Class E
  • Efficient Motor, Perimeter Extraction
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Completely built in the ceiling, Faber Heaven Glass ensures the maximum free space over the hob. The unobtrusive design blends perfectly with the style of the kitchen while the powerful motor and the technological pluses ensure maximum effectiveness. The brushless motor is the quietest engine on the market and provides a significant energy savings while maintaining high performance.

Evo Diffuser

An evolved version of the Energy motor, the Evo motor has an optimised geometry that yields excellent results in terms of energy efffiency, reduced power levels and reduced noise levels thanks to in-depth fluid dynamics studies. They consume 85% less than conventional electric motors at low-medium speeds and 35% less at high speeds. They are also the most silent-running motors on the market today and guarantee stable performance under all operating conditions. 

Delayed Switch Off

The Delayed Switch Off function allows the motor to automatically turn off after cooking to totally eradicate any residual postcooking vapours. The hood continues to function for 30' after the last speed is selected, then turns itself off automatically.

Perimeter Extraction

The Perimeter Suction is an evolution in the design of kitchen hoods whereby air is drawn through the grooves around the perimeter panel, creating an air curtain effect. This offers improved suction performance, especially at the edges compared to traditional models, a more elegant and modern look by hiding the filter, easy cleaning and lower noise levels.

Intensive Speed

When Intensive Speed is selected, this feature immediately sets the hood to work at maximum extraction speed for even greater efficiency when large amounts of vapour or cooking aromas are present. After 6', the hood returns to the previous setting speed. 

Led Lighting

Lower consumption, more lighting. This lighting method stands out as consuming almost 85% less electricity and lasting 20 times as long as an incandescent bulb. The system both efficiently illuminates all the pans on your hob and provides you with soft mood lighting that is ideal for over dinner.

Maintenance Alarm

Products equipped with this feature have an  indicator lights that alerts the user when grese and odor filters are about to reach maximum saturation. Therefore, it's easy to always know when it's time to wash or replace them, in order to keep the appliance clean and operating properly over time.


Model 110.0315.503
Manufacturer Faber
Color Glass White
Type Ceiling
Width 90cm
Energy Efficiency Class A
Energy Consumption 60kWh/annum
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency Class A
Lighting Efficiency Class D
Grease Filtering Efficiency Class E
Noise Emission 70db
Air circulation Extraction
Total power of the motors 270W
Number of speed settings 4
Air flow (max speed normal use) 560 m³/h
Air flow (intensive or boost use) 700 m³/h
Wi-Fi No
Dimensions 500 × 900 × 319 mm
Guarantee 2 years
Energy Label