Neff Island Hood N70 Series

  • Island, 160W, 54db
  • Air flow 445 m³/h boost 867 m³/h
  • Grease Filtering Efficiency Class B
  • Efficient Motor, Dimmer, AirFresh
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Neff I96BMP5N0 Island Hood 90cm width in Inox Color and BoxSlim Design. Features Efficient Drive motor for quiet operation and low consumption, Led lighting system with Dimmer function, electronic touch control, 3 aluminium grease filters washable filters, 3 absortion levels and 2 Intensive Speeds with maximum airflow 867 m³/h.

Efficient Drive

Your hood just got even quieter with the Efficient Drive™ Motor, which uses powerful permanent magnets and has almost zero energy loss due to friction. With this motor, the extractor becomes more energy efficient, makes less noise and has a longer life. Save energy while at the same time enjoying unique silence in your kitchen.

Dimmer Function

The enjoyment of cooking and eating is influenced by all our senses, not just smell and taste. The dimmer function allows you to adjust the lighting in your kitchen and ensure that the right atmosphere is created for the occasion.


The aromas in your kitchen like frying onions or freshly baked cakes are half the fun of cooking. But mixing too many scents can bother you, so it's not a bad idea to freshen up your space every now and then. With the intermittent ventilation function, the hood activates for a short time, at regular intervals, releasing new, exciting aromas or simply freshening the air.

Intensive Speed

When Intensive Speed is selected, this feature immediately sets the hood to work at maximum extraction speed for even greater efficiency when large amounts of vapour or cooking aromas are present. After 10', the hood returns to the previous setting speed. 

Extra Silent

It’s hard enough keeping the home clean and tidy, let alone calm and quiet. Our extra-silent hoods are a real help. Thanks to special noise-reduction features, they whisper at every power level, for more peace and quiet at home.

Led Lighting

This lighting method stands out as consuming almost 85% less electricity and lasting 20 times as long as an incandescent bulb. The system both efficiently illuminates all the pans on your hob and provides you with soft mood lighting that is ideal for over dinner.


Model I96BMP5N0
Manufacturer Neff
Color Inox
Type Island
Width 90cm
Energy Efficiency Class A+
Energy Consumption 32kWh/annum
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency Class A
Lighting Efficiency Class A
Grease Filtering Efficiency Class B
Noise Emission 54db
Air circulation Extraction
Total power of the motors 160W
Number of speed settings 5
Air flow (max speed normal use) 445 m³/h
Air flow (intensive or boost use) 867 m³/h
Wi-Fi No
Net Weight 30.1 kg
Dimensions 600 × 900 × 924 mm
Guarantee 2 years
Energy Label