Neff Built In Oven Ν90 Series

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    Neff B48FT68G0 with a capacity of 71L and A+ energy class. Features 13 cooking modes plus 38 Auto Programs, Full Steam cooking with SousVide function, 5.7'' TFT color touch screen with graphics, folding SoftHide oven door & folding Slide door handle, WiFi control via HomeConnect application, MultiPoint MeatProbe with the possibility of measuring the food temperature in 3 points, Comfort Flex telescopic shelf, EasyClean® cleaning system and CircoTherm®, Neff's outstanding hot-air system for simultaneous baking and roasting on up to 4 levels.

    Full Steam

    Full Steam does everything a conventional oven can, and more. You can steam your vegetables, proof and bake bread, reheat your rice dishes, and bake as usual. Steam the entire time, add steam when you need it, or choose from one of the many automatic programs. You can also combine steaming with other heating modes for succulent, flavourful and clean-tasting dishes.

    Sous-Vide Mode

    Whatever gusto stirs up a memory – spicy fish, juicy vegetables, sweet fruit, tender meat or a bright red chilli – the Sous-Vide mode takes care of it at a constant, low temperature. And more: each delight preserves their aroma while keeping the texture of your vacuum-sealed dish.


    Transform your cooking. NEFF connected ovens give you access to a whole world of recipes and cooking tips – including all the settings you need to bake and roast creative dishes that impress your guests. Switch on your oven on the way home or control it with your voice, and keep your hands free to slice and dice in the kitchen.

    MultiPoint MeatProbe

    When you have guests over, the last thing you want to worry about is the food you have in the oven. With the Multi-Point Cooking Thermometer, you can let the oven cook the meat until it's juicy and tender. All you need to do is place the thermometer on the meat, poultry or fish. The temperature of the food is calculated at three measurement points and when it reaches the appropriate internal temperature, the oven stops heating. Excellent results in your roasts, in an easy way.


    Our Slide&Hide® Door fits smoothly under the oven without reducing the oven’s size, so you can taste and baste with ease. No more awkward bending as you cart your cheesy casseroles and crispy kales away. Just pull up the rotating handle to close when you’re done. Make room for magic. Make room for mouth-watering memories.

    Auto Programmes

    Not quite sure how long to cook your sponge cake, roast beef, or lasagna? With our Automatic Programmes many dishes are at your fingertips. Simply select your dish, confirm and press start, the oven will do the rest. A convenience that makes baking all the sweeter.


    Whether sweet or savoury get the flavour you savour every time with AssistedCooking. A digital cooking assistant where you simply choose the food you are cooking, and it selects the optimal settings, so your dish is perfectly cooked.

    Baking and Roasting Assistant

    Not quite sure how long to cook your sponge cake, roast beef, or lasagna? Our Baking and Roasting Assistant can help. Suggestions for the ideal cooking time, temperature, and mode for many dishes are at your fingertips. Simply scroll and select. Confirm with a touch and start right away, or adjust the settings to your liking. A convenience that makes baking all the sweeter.


    With CircoTherm®, you can bake your casserole, Cajun chicken, and chocolate cheesecake all at the same time. Everything can be cooked in its own time, making full use of your oven chamber and capacity. The high-velocity, targeted air flow ensures that the flavors do not mix and that each dish retains its original taste and aromas. This unique feature of the specific NEFF ovens offers quick, easy and successful preparation of your family meal, without compromising on taste and with an impeccable baking result.

    TFT-display with Full Touch Control

    Our full-colour, extra-large TFT-display is high-contrast and high-resolution to make it easy for you to see. You can work directly on the Full Touch Control to set the time, adjust the temperature, and change from bake to broil. Simply touch or swipe the fast and user-friendly surface, just like you would on your phone. Full Touch – from finger-pointing precision to finger-licking goodness.

    Comfort Flex

    With our fully extending rails, you can pull the tray all the way out. Handling that giant roast is a piece of cake – you can grab the tray easily from the sides with both hands. It’s also more comfortable because you’re away from the heat. The rails can be placed on the top, middle or bottom for convenience.


    With Easy Clean, it's easier to make your oven shine. Use this function regularly and make cleaning the oven simpler. Add a drop of detergent to 400 ml of water, pour it into the bottom of the oven and activate the function. Leftovers from cake, stains from roasted vegetables and grease from your grill, all these stains will be softened by heat and water. Now you can effortlessly clean the inside of your oven.


    Look into the far corners of your oven in comfort with NeffLight®. Special prisms evenly distribute the glare-free LED light from both sides of the door. All shelves are illuminated from all angles – there’s no need to open the oven door for a clear and brilliant view of your food.


    Model B48FT68G0
    Manufacturer Neff
    Color Anthracite
    Installation type Freestanding
    Type Electric
    Double Oven No
    Energy Efficiency Class A+
    Cavity Capacity 71 l
    Energy consumption per cycle (conventional mode) 0.87 kWh/cycle
    Energy consumption per cycle (fan-forced convection mode) 0.69 kWh/cycle
    Cleaning Hydrolytic
    Telescopic Rails 1
    Steam Function Yes
    Temperature Range 40 - 275 °C
    Microwave Function No
    Hob Flexible Cooking Zones No
    Hob Dual-Zone No
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 548 × 594 × 595 mm
    Guarantee 2 years

    Cooking Programs: CircoTherm | Forced Air Eco | Top and Bottom heat | Top and Bottom heat Eco | Hot air grill Combination | Full Grill | Eco Grill | Pizza | Bread | Lower Heat | Mild Roasting | KeepWarm | PreHeat

    Additional Steam Functions: SteamCooking (100%) | Reheat | Dough rising level | Defrost | Sous-vide

    Energy Label