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DeDietrich Built In Oven with a capacity of 73L and A+ energy class. Features large 6'' TFT display with color images and images of food, 11 oven baking functions including, Chef mode with Perfect Sensor humidity sensor, fully Automatic Baking for up to 15 types of food, Low-Temperature baking mode for up to 10 types of food, Culinary guide for up to 50 different types of dishes and Patisserie mode for 14 French sweet recipes. In addition, features Drying and Sabbath functions, telescopic rail, SoftClose door system and 3 levels of pyrolytic cleaning including PyroExpress 59'.

Colour Led Display

The interface has a simple and intuitive high-resolution color screen that allows you to navigate through sections and subsections. Here you will find greengrocers, butchers, delicatessens and other choices. Each option is accompanied by a unique and realistic display. When exploring a number of pre-programmed dishes and recipes in the menu "Chef", "Cooking Guide", "Low Temperature", faithful photos of all dishes are displayed everywhere.

Perfect Sensor

Perfect Sensor continuously analyzes the moisture content at the heart of the preparation, detects its weight and volume. The oven automatically controls and adjusts all the cooking parameters for an exceptional culinary result.

“Chef” Mode

The "Chef" function allows you to prepare your favorite dish in fully automatic mode. All you have to do is select the appropriate dish from the function menu, place it in the oven in the correct position, set the weight and start baking. The exclusive De Dietrich technology ensures an automatic baking mode, ideal temperature and correct preparation time. The temperature and humidity sensor monitors the baking process and provides feedback to the electronic regulator, which ensures perfect food preparation.

Culinary Guide

The De Dietrich baking guide has a choice of more than 50 recipes. After choosing a pre-programmed recipe and entering the weight of the food, the oven will automatically determine the appropriate preparation mode as well as the ideal temperature and time required for baking with an accuracy of minutes. When it comes to helping with your culinary creations, you have a true expert at your disposal.

Multifunction Plus

Among the many functions of the Multifunction Plus, two of them stand out: Combined heating and Hot air baking. The combined heating function has been designed for humid heat baking, suitable for making savory cakes, Quiché or pizza. The function of hot air is unique for preserving the fine structure of white meat, aroma and taste of dishes prepared in foil. It allows you to bake different dishes in three levels at once while maintaining the individual aroma of each.

Low temperature cooking

The De Dietrich ovens belong to the technological avant-garde. This gentle, even and consistent cooking method at temperatures below 100°C is often used by top chefs and is ideal for preparing particularly tender and tasty meat. The operation of the program is very simple. You just have to choose a dish: pink or well-done lamb, roast veal, roast beef steak in your favorite preparation, rare or well-done, roast pork, chicken, small and large whole fish, yogurt, etc. The oven then automatically prepares the food according to your request.


Macaroons, cinnamon sticks, chocolate fondant... if you consider the French patisserie to be a key part of culinary art, you don't have to feel inferior anymore. From now on, you can count on a special menu, exclusive to De Dietrich, which will help you skillfully and successfully produce this confectionary classic. Choose from 14 available recipes for automatic baking and let yourself be complimented.

Drying Function

To enhance the flavor of all dishes. Maison De Dietrich has equipped its new built-in pyrolytic ovens with a function that will now be difficult to do without. This dehydration process makes it possible to dry at a perfectly controlled temperature, between 60°C and 80°C, a number of different foods – aromatic herbs, fruits or vegetables. By preventing the proliferation of bacteria, it allows them to be kept for several months so that they can be disposed of according to their desires and to preserve essential elements such as minerals and vitamins.

Sabbath Function

De Dietrich with the Sabath function enters a new area of ​​culinary challenges. This programmable mode allows the oven to operate independently for 25 hours or, if necessary, up to 75 hours. The oven itself maintains a constant temperature of 90 ° C. Food is cooked or kept warm without the need to adjust the oven in any way. The light stays on even when the door is closed.

Βread Baking

With the multifunction oven from De Dietrich, baking bread is very easy and anyone can handle it! The visual programmer has a simple, intuitive color screen, just select the bread baking program, turn the knob, confirm by pushing and you are already baking - Le Twist - Le Click - Le Cook!


This ingenious system ensures gentle and braked automatic closing of the oven door without an unpleasant sound. The special mechanism of the door ensures its slow closing. You can easily close the oven without holding the handle with your hands and almost noiselessly.

Telescopic Rails

When removing a hot tray, it is easy to drop it and get burnt. But not with this oven! All thanks to the guides which feature special bumps that slow the tray down when it is inserted or removed. You can even insert or remove a very hot and heavily loaded tray safely, and without the risk of burns.

Self Cleaning

With an oven equipped with pyrolytic cleaning technology, you can leave the worries of cleaning the oven behind once and for all. During pyrolytic cleaning, the oven heats up to a temperature of up to 500 °C, and all dirt inside the oven turns into ash. In the pyrolysis process, even very hard-to-reach places, such as corners of the oven or fan grills, are perfectly cleaned in this way, everything is simply burned to fine dust. After that, just wipe it with a damp cloth and the oven will be like new again and ready for other culinary challenges. 


Pyrolytic ovens are equipped with thicker all-glass doors with 4 glass panels and ventilation. Thanks to this unique design, the temperature on the outside of the door never reaches the pain threshold: maximum 40 °C in the center of the door during pyrolysis, maximum 65 °C in the hottest part of the door during pyrolysis, a maximum of 30 °C in the middle of the door during baking. Thanks to the all-glass inner surface and the easy-to-disassemble construction, the door can be perfectly cleaned to make it as good as new again.

Variable Grill

The perfect preparation of some dishes requires a lot of work. Modulating the performance of the grill with up to 4 power settings will help you achieve the desired result much more easily every time.


Model DOP8785A
Manufacturer DeDietrich
Color Anthracite
Installation type Full Built-In
Type Electric
Double Oven No
Energy Efficiency Class A+
Cavity Capacity 73 l
Energy consumption per cycle (conventional mode) 0.70 kWh/cycle
Energy consumption per cycle (fan-forced convection mode) 1.10 kWh/cycle
Cleaning Pyrolytic
Telescopic Rails 1
Steam Function No
Temperature Range 30 - 275 °C
Microwave Function No
Wi-Fi No
Dimensions 544 × 592 × 596 mm
Guarantee 2 years

Cooking Programs: Hot air baking | Conventional heating with fan | Conventional heating | ECO baking | Grill with fan |  Bottom heating with fan | Variable grill | Keeping warm | Defrost |  Bread | Drying

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