Midea Air Condition All Easy Pro Series

Model Indoor
  • Cooling 4500-13000 BTU
  • Heating 3000-15000 BTU
  • Sound Levels insite 58 db outside 64 db
  • Inverter, Ionizer, Wi-Fi
  • Motion Sensor, FollowMe, Inverter Quattro
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Midea air conditioner from the All Easy Pro series, achieves the best performance in hygienic and energy consumption! With Quattro Full DC Inverter motor, it achieves maximum performance with a minimum consumption of up to A +++ in cooling efficiency, while the Super Ionizer in combination with the HighDensity Filter guarantees you the best air quality!

Intelligent Eye

The Intelligent Eye Sensor, "sees" the presence of people in the room, which allows you to effectively direct the air flow either to the area of people's location or away. The infrared sensor will determine your location. In addition, if you are away for a long time the Intelligent Eye function automatically monitors the power of the indoor unit by activating the energy saving mode when it detects an empty room, thus reducing energy costs by up to 25% and when you come back - it will turn on again.

Quick Cleaning

Thanks to the MagPull design – 6 round magnetic connectors on the filter,the top cover filter can be easily removedand put back just within 1 soft ‘click’. No need to bother opening up the front panel any more. Clean your filter as often as you want


The MideaAIR app is far more than a digital remote control for your air conditioner: it lets you turn on your AC away from home, control the humidity level between 30%–90%. It also automatically cleans the AC's interior, and is able to program a smart climate curve while you are asleep.

Follow Me

When this function is enabled on the remote control, the control unit of the indoor unit will receive data about the temperature in the room from the temperature sensor installed in the remote control, which allows you to more precisely control the operation of the air conditioner, reaching the set mode in the area where the remote control is in the room. 


Air purification system is provided with a high-efficiency air conditioner ionizer that produces millions of negative ions that neutralize all the harmful elements present in your home. Negatively charged ions attract the dust particles, bacteria, mold spores and viruses, neutralize them, supporting chichtotu and freshness of the air in the room.

Inverter Quattro

Midea's exclusive Inverter Quattro technology makes the most of the rotary compressor, making it one of the most efficient in the world. Midea Inverter compressors work dynamically, efficiently, quickly and stably, all 4 in 1 at the same time, under any load conditions. With Inverter Quattro Technology, the air conditioner is able to provide the desired level of cooling with the least possible energy consumption, which keeps the temperature constant and creates comfortable conditions during the day and night.

Turbo Μode

When Turbo mode is activated, the indoor unit fan starts running at maximum speed to ensure the desired temperature as quickly as possible. The mode lasts a maximum of 20 minutes, after which it automatically returns to the preset mode before activating Turbo mode.

3D Airflow

The louvers of the indoor unit of the air conditioner move automatically in all directions, ensuring even distribution of the air-conditioned air in all corners of the room.

Gear Control

Using the "Gear Control" function, you can adjust the electricity consumption of the air conditioner by forcing the value in 50%, 75% or 100% of the power. Limiting the capacity of the system will save energy and "fit" into the limit of power consumption, if necessary.

Night Mode

When night mode is activated during cooling, the air conditioner automatically raises the room temperature by 1 ° C for the first two hours, after which it remains fixed. When night mode is activated during heating, the air conditioner automatically lowers the room temperature by 1 ° C for the first two hours, after which it remains fixed.

Double Filtering

Midea air conditioners contain two filters that provide double protection. The first dust filter removes large harmful particles such as pollen, dog hair and dust. The second activated carbon filter contains small harmful particles such as dust mites and smoke. These two filters work together to remove harmful substances.

Bio Filter (HEPA)

The bio filter consists of a special biological enzyme and an eco filter. The eco filter captures very small dust particles in the air and neutralizes bacteria, fungi and microbes. The biological enzyme kills bacteria by breaking down their cell wall, thus eliminating the problem of re-contamination.

Active Clean

Active Clean technology washes away dust, mold and grease that can cause odor as they adhere to the heat exchanger, automatically freezing and then quickly defrosting the frost, warming up the heat exchanger. After that, the impeller continues to work in order to dry out the heat exchanger completely. When this function is enabled, “CL” is displayed on the display of the indoor unit, after 20–45 minutes, the unit will automatically turn off and itself will cancel the active cleaning function. 

Refrigerant leak detection

The indoor unit of the air conditioner detects an error code EC, which will be displayed and will stop working automatically when a freon leak is detected. This will protect the air conditioning compressor from damage caused by high temperatures when the refrigerant leaks.


Model Indoor MSEPBU-09HRFN8-QRD6GW
Model Outdoor MOX330-09HFN8-QRD6GW(GA)
Manufacturer Midea
Color White
Capacity 9000 BTU
Cooling Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Cooling Capacity 4500-13000 BTU
Cooling Power Design Load 2.60 kWh
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) 8.60
Cooling Annual Electricity Consumption 106.00 kWh/annum
Heating Energy Efficiency Class (Warmer season) A+++
Heating Capacity 3000-15000 BTU
Heating Power Design Load (Warmer season) 2.50 kWh
Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance (SCOP) 5.10
Heating Annual Electricity Consumption (Warmer season) 686.00 kWh/annum
Inside sound power levels 58 db
Outside sound power levels 64 db
Inverter Yes
Ionizer Yes
Refrigerant R32
Wi-Fi Yes
Indoor Unit Weight 10.2 kg
Outdoor Unit Weight 28.4 kg
Indoor Unit Dimensions (LxWxH) 225 × 795 × 295 mm
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (LxWxH) 330 × 805 × 554 mm
Guarantee 5 years
Motor Guarantee 10 years
Energy Label