The choice between QLED, OLED and LED TV depends on your needs and preferences. LED TVs have good brightness and come in a wide variety of sizes and specifications, and are usually more affordable. On the downside, black quality and contrast aren't as good as OLED TVs, while viewing angles can be limited on some models. QLED TVs (Quantum Dot LED) have excellent color reproduction and very good brightness, making them ideal for bright rooms. Compared to OLEDs they have a longer lifespan, but lag behind in contrast, black and viewing angle although they are better than LEDs. A subcategory of QLEDs are Mini QLED TVs, which are an evolution of QLEDs and offer improved brightness, better dark shots with greater contrast, bringing OLED closer to black performance, while displaying more vivid colors and performing well at different angles viewing. Finally, OLED TVs (Organic LED) have excellent black quality and contrast, as each pixel is lit individually, very good viewing angles without color distortion and very fast response, ideal for gaming and fast-moving scenes. On the downside they are usually more expensive than LED and QLED TVs and are not as bright as LED and QLED TVs, although they are satisfactory for most environments. In conclusion, QLED TVs are a good choice due to their high brightness and excellent color reproduction, suitable for bright rooms, OLED TVs offer the best picture quality with deep blacks and high contrast, ideal for gaming, while finally LED TVs offer good quality at an affordable price and a wide range of dimensions.