Privacy Policy

Our company is committed in respecting the privacy of its website users and is limited in their legal use only. We recognizes the importance of the issue of security of personal data and electronic transactions and therefore we have taken all necessary measures to ensure greater security, transmitting the data in encrypted form with a confidentiality commitment. You can obtain information about your personal data stored with us and request correction or deletion. The data necessary to the institutional and legal obligations for commercial records are locked to preclude their use for other purposes.

The delivery of products is done either by us or by transport companies and therefore personal data (Name, Shipping Address, and Phone) and any other necessary information is only provided for the completion of delivery. Personal information of credit or debit cards are not stored by us and are only used by banks for their purposes including completion of transactions.Visitors can browse our website without giving us any personal information or other information, unless the information is necessary for recording and executing the order.