Product Guarantee

All products sold by SIMOS VIOLARIS & SONS LTD ('Company’) are durable products and are certified for safe operation. The products shall be accompanied by written instructions and warranty for reasonable duration, in accordance with European legislation. The products are covered by warranty either by us or by the official representative in Cyprus, either from the official representative within the territory of the European Union.

We offer a limited 2-year warranty to the purchaser of the product. The limited warranty is valid from the date that the customer purchased the product. In case of replacement of the product, the warranty period will continue for the remaining period Excluded are cases where the official dealer offers a guarantee of good operation beyond 2 years eg 5 years or an motor guarantee eg 10 years. In any case, the guarantee is indicated on the product card.. 

The product warranty is valid, provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The limited warranty shall be valid only if the client presents the original product purchase receipt (invoice) and delivers the product to the shop.
  2. During the period of validity of the guarantee, we repair or makes a free replacement of the defective product at its discretion. We will return the repaired product or another product to the buyer in working condition. In case of repair of the product, will exchange the defective part or spare part. It should be noted that the term ' parts ' or ' spare parts ' means all parts of the product.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  1. The warranty is not valid in cases of physical damage.
  2. The defect was caused because the product has been subject to use in a manner not conforming to the instructions of the manufacturer, abuse, if it was exposed to humidity or extreme hot or environmental conditions, or sudden changes in such conditions, corrosion, rusting, non-authorized modifications or connections, non-authorized opening or repair, repair with the use of non-authorized spare parts, misuse, unsuitable installation, accident, natural phenomena, which are beyond the reasonable control of us (including for instance defects in the department of consumable parts such as batteries, which as a rule have a limited life) unless the defect was caused directly because of the use of defective materials, designs or workmanship.
  3. The customer has not notified us about the defect within sixty (60) days after the occurrence of a defect during the warranty period.
  4. The product is not returned to us within sixty (60) days after the occurrence of a defect during the warranty period.
  5. The product serial number, the identifying date code, or the IMEI number, have been removed, deleted, defaced or altered or are illegible.
  6. The defect was created due to the fact that the product was used or connected with accessory that is not appropriate to the technical characteristics of the device.
  7. The defect was caused by a defective network operation.
  8. The product has not been checked by our technical department to establish and verify the defect of the appliance.
  9. This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive means for customer satisfaction according to us and the sole and exclusive liability of us against the client for defects or malfunction of the product. This limited warranty substitutes all other guarantees and obligations, either verbal, written (non-mandatory) by law, conventional, malfeasance or others. We will not, under any circumstances, be liable for direct damage, costs or expenses, if the client is a legal person.
  10. If the customer does not collect the items he/she has brought in for repair within six months, then the company shall not be liable for their safe keeping.
  11. All consumables or components of a product (for instance chargers, batteries, headphones, feed-gear, inks etc) are covered by a warranty for good function under terms referred to thirdparagraph, for a period not exceeding three months.
  12. The warranty is valid for products that have been sold by our shop. In case of a defective product, it is customer's obligation to deliver the product to our shop (excluding big household appliances where the technician's visit is required, e.g. washing machines, fridges, cookers etc). It should be noted that in the event that the buyer sent the product to the shop via courier, shipping costs are charged to the buyer.
  13. All products are covered by warranty either by us or by its official representative in Cyprus or by its official representative in the European Union territory.
  14. We guarantee that all products, at the time of their original purchase, are free from defects in workmanship, materials, design and human work, under the above terms and conditions.