Returns Policy

Consumers have the option of returning all products within 7 days of delivery, for purchases from our physical shop and within 14 days from the day of the withdrawal request, for purchases from our online shop, as long as they meet the control criteria of our technical department.

For purchases through our online shop, the withdrawal request must be sent within 14 working days from the date of receipt or delivery of the product.

The consumer is entitled to carefully open the package and handle the product to the extent necessary to ascertain the nature of the product's characteristics and function, as it would be possible to do in our physical shop. However, if during the inspection, it is found that the product is not in the condition it was in when it was purchased, or the product has been used by the customer to a point beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the product, then the consumer is responsible for any reduction in the value of the product and we have the right to charge 15% of the product's value. In addition, in cases where the customer is responsible for the destruction of the product or its packaging, or the accessories, then we may not return money to the consumer, nor accept the return or change of the product.

No refunds or exchanges are made in the following cases 

  1. Delivery and/or installation charges, battered or damaged products, used products such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, hobs, microwaves, small household appliances. 
  2. Changes are not made for products manufactured to the specifications of the consumer and/or personalized products, for products that may deteriorate or expire soon, for products that are sold sealed and which are not suitable for return for reasons of protection of health or hygiene reasons, and which have been unsealed, for products which, due to their nature, are inseparably mixed with other elements. 
  3. No returns are made on sales of products for which the buyer places a special order.

Return policy for online purchases

Upon delivery, the customer is obliged to unpack and check the product to confirm the absence of external, aesthetic defects, and in the event that there are any, he is entitled to cancel the receipt and return it to the distributor announcing the existence of aesthetic defects within fourteen (14) calendar days from receipt. In the event of the expiry of this period, all relevant rights are lost and it is considered that the cosmetic defect was caused after delivery. In case of a timely declaration, we are obliged to replace this item with another, without the external aesthetic defect, in a short time. In case of unconditional delivery of the item, it is considered that it was delivered in excellent external condition without aesthetic defects.

Right of withdrawal

The consumer reserves the right of withdrawal in the following cases:

  1.  From the day of submission of the customer's order up to fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of conclusion of the service contract (in the case of such a contract), or from the delivery (in the case of products).
  2. This withdrawal is without justification and without any charge for the customer and if the item has already been delivered, the customer must return the product unused, exactly in the condition in which he received it, with all of its components, the forms that accompany it and of its packaging in excellent condition. Withdrawal is not understood in case the customer has used or activated the item even once, in which case the product is now considered used.
  3. The declaration of withdrawal is made in writing or electronically and we are obliged to send confirmation of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal as soon as it receives it. Following the declaration of withdrawal, we are obliged to return the price collected.
  4. The refund to the customer will be made in the same way as the purchase was made by the customer and within fourteen (14) working days from receipt of the product.
  5. Delivery or installation costs are not refunded unless the customer had chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method we offer.
  6. We are entitled to reject the declaration of withdrawal if the item is not offered for return legally and properly, i.e. in the condition it was delivered and not used. The customer, if we, at ours discretion and by way of derogation, accept the return of a used item in view of withdrawal, ise responsible for compensating us for the reasonable reduction in the value of the item due to its use. We are entitled to agree with the customer its compensation even with mutual netting. In the event that the withdrawal concerns the provision of services, the customer must pay an amount proportional to what was provided up to the declaration of withdrawal. If the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal any associated contracts expire automatically, at no cost to the customer.

Exceptions to withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is not granted in the following cases:

  1. In cases where the price has been paid at our physical shop and the products have been received from our physical shop as the sale is not from a distance i.e. it is not electronic.
  2. In cases where the products have been used (installation, operating position, product registration, installation of accessories).
  3. In the case of video & audio products, software that have been unsealed from their packaging.
  4. In cases where the products are not suitable for return after being unsealed for hygiene reasons (shavers-epilators, electric toothbrushes, cooking utensils, etc.).
  5. In the case of digital material, if the execution of the application has started with the consent of the customer and his information, that he loses the right of withdrawal.
  6. In cases of provision of services (placement, connection, coordination, etc.), as after the provision of services, the right of withdrawal is lost.
  7. In the case of products that are returned without packaging or damaged packaging.
  8. In cases where the products are intended for professional activity.

Returns of products at the charge of the Company

  1. In all cases in which other than those sold are delivered, by type or quantity.
  2. In the event that during delivery the item has a damaged package, completely or in most of it. In the case of damaged packaging, the customer has the right not to accept the receipt of the product from the beginning and to request its replacement, after consultation with us.
  3. In case it is found that the item has a manufacturing defect (provided this is confirmed by the authorized technician who provides the guarantee of good operation) or a lack of quality, which quality has previously been agreed in writing with us.
  4. In cases of return at the our's charge, the products must be returned in the condition received by the customer and at the agreed time. Any delay on the part of the customer is justified only for reasons of force majeure, otherwise the right to replacement based on this condition is lost.
  5. In all cases, the return of the product to be replaced should be made together with all the documents that accompanied the product (e.g. Purchase Invoice, Receipt of Receipt, etc.) and its complete packaging (unless it is a defect found later after delivery and the packaging is not present or also except in the case of a product whose packaging was received by the distributors when the item was delivered).
  6. When returning the products, in case of a manufacturing defect or lack of a property agreed in writing and depending on the case, a repair or replacement will be carried out, otherwise the transaction will be canceled if the customer legally rejects the two previous ones, in which case, provided that they have before the products are received and checked by us, in case of cancellation, the money will be returned to the customer in the same way as the payment was made.
  7. In the event that the products are returned damaged or incomplete, we have the right to request compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and to proceed unilaterally and without others to a total or partial offset of his claim against the customer for the price received.

Returns of products deemed Defective on Arrival (DOA) at Company's expense

  1. In the event that a product is found to be defective upon arrival to the customer (hereinafter referred to as DOA), the return of such/them shall also be made at our expense.
  2. The return of the products, which are considered DOA will be accepted with a statement from the customer within ten (10) calendar days from their delivery to the customer. At the same time, the product must not be damaged or damaged due to the fault of the owner, beyond the diagnosed defect, and must have all the original documents that accompanied the product (e.g. Purchase Invoice, Receipt, etc.) all its accessories and its complete packaging.
  3. The establishment of the manufacturing defect is always done by a technical inspection of the product. In the case of white appliances (refrigerators, electric cookers, washing machines, etc.) and air conditioners, it is required that a visit by the technician of the authorized workshop of the supplier company and a written confirmation of the diagnosis of the appliance's damage has been made, so that it is considered that the product it was DOA.
  4. In case of return of the products (DOA), and provided that they have been previously received and checked by us, the item will be replaced with a similar product (condition and characteristics, etc.), otherwise in case the customer rejects according to the law the replacement, a refund will be made to the customer, in the way he paid the purchase price.
  5. The return will be made no later than within fourteen (14) working days of both the product and the price.
  6. If the customer has purchased a product that has been considered DOA, and has the right to return it at our's expense, as specifically defined above, then he may return to us, and the additional products of this type (for example, if a TV is deemed defective upon delivery, the customer has the option of returning the wall mount that was purchased with the TV).

Safe products - Warranty terms

Our products are long-lasting products which carry all the necessary certification of safe operation. The products are accompanied by written instructions for use (except for easy-to-use products) and a written guarantee of good operation of a reasonable duration, in Greek and English, where this is required by law. The warranty form, if provided, always includes the name and address of the provider, the product to which the warranty refers its exact content, its duration, its local scope, as well as the rights provided by the applicable law. The warranty of the product has duration according to the manufacturer from the date of its purchase and allows the repair of the problem free of charge, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Have the invoice of purchase of the product.
  2. The fixed data of the product must not have been altered (Serial No.)
  3. Do not exclude damage based on the manufacturer's warranty form.