Shipping Methods

Users of the online shop can be informed about the cost of shipping of their order from the "Delivery Method" tool, which appears as soon as an item is added to their "basket", by entering the ZIP code. of the area to which they wish the shipment to be made. In case you wish to collect your order from our shop, there is no additional charge.

For your convenience and service, we have the following methods of shipping products:

  1. Pick up from shop: Free
  2. Delivery and collection by AkisExpress: Choose one of AkisExpress points in all cities to pick up your order.Valid for purchases up to 30Kg and there is a minimum charge of €5.
  3. Delivery and collection at your place: The service is valid for deliveries within city limits. For purchases up to 30Kg the cost is €8. For purchases over 30Kg, the delivery is made by our team and the cost is calculated at the last stage of the order based on the PO. The minimum fee is €21 and this includes the cost of installation.

In case of products with large volume (such as washing machines, refrigerators, cookers, etc.), these items are transferred to the ground floor of the address indicated by the customer. If the customer wishes to transfer the product to another floor, then the customer will be charged the cost of transportation. Clarified that for any damage caused to the device during transportation from the ground floor to the first floor, we are not responsible, as the risk passes to the customer, from the moment the product is delivered on the ground floor of the address designated by the customer. The delivery of the product must be requested by the customer, either by our shop for the direct delivery of this at the address indicated by the customer.

We are not responsible for delays in the execution of the order, including the delivery, due to circumstances not attributable to the fault or due to force majeure (strikes, natural disasters, problems with suppliers, governmental or legislative acts that change trade arrangements) and shall be entitled, where appropriate, an extension of time for execution.