Rowenta Silence Steam Pro Steam Station

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Rowenta DG9248 steam station from Silence Steam Pro series with 2800W power and 160gr/min steam output for easy and fast ironing. Features Microsteam HD 400 Laser soleplate iron for easy gliding and even distribution of steam, intelligent technology with 5 preset programs for perfect combination of steam and temperature for every fabric and extremely quiet operation. In addition, features CalcClean descaling system, to act immediately, easily cleaning the iron and a removable 1.3L water tank for long-lasting ironing.

Microsteam HD 400 Laser

Enjoy the experience of a relaxing ironing without much effort thanks to the Microsteam HD 400 Laser plate, Rowenta's best plate that guarantees excellent glide for easier and faster ironing and advanced scratch resistance thanks to the laser coating. The new design is uniquely thin with a pointed tip that allows even the most inaccessible areas such as buttons to be ironed, while the 400 micro holes ensure an even distribution of steam on the ironing surface, resulting in "smoothing out" even the most difficult wrinkles.

Intelligent technology

Iron everything from silk to denim thanks to the intelligent technology of this ironing system that lets you choose the optimal power setting at the touch of a button. The 5 electronic preset programs ensure the perfect combination of steam and temperature for each fabric, in a single touch.

Extremely quiet

Enjoy quiet and silent ironing with Rowenta steam station, thanks to built-in silencing filters that minimize steam noise and a sound-absorbing platform that reduces vibration noise on the base unit. So our powerful steam won't overpower the sounds of the TV, music or family.

Ultra powerful steam

The powerful and continuous steam output of 160 gr/min is able to tackle even the thickest fabrics with ease, while in case a stubborn, annoying crease remains you can simply press the button of the powerful steam shot. See stubborn creases disappear with the extra 625g burst of steam where it's needed, which is also ideal for vertical ironing, to freshen clothes and curtains. In addition, thanks to the high temperature of the steam, ironing removes up to 99.99% of bacteria from all fabrics.


Now you don't have to worry about cleaning and maintaining your steam station thanks to the patented removable Scale Collector that collects up to 10 times more scale particles or long-lasting steam performance and easy crease removal. The CalcClean system will notify you by activating the corresponding light and also by means of an audio message, when it needs to be emptied, while the removal of the scales is done in an easy way and in just a few seconds.


Thanks to the Anti - Drip system, the iron automatically stops emitting steam when the temperature is too low to prevent water from leaking from the plate. This way, your clothes are not at risk of those annoying drips that occur when it falls on them!


Model DG9248
Manufacturer Rowenta
Color Black
Power 2800 W
Pressure 8.00 bar
Steam Output 160 g/min
Steam Boost 625 g/min
Tank Capacity 1.3 l
Vertical Steam Yes
Cable Length 1.98 m
Net Weight 6.27 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 230 × 440 × 250 mm
Guarantee 2 years

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